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Our donors were selected from Octoraro Angus in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. Sam Wylie's cows are moderate, efficient, and productive. The program represents generations of breeding for traditional angus type. Maternal efficiency and least cost production are bred into these cattle. At this time our numbers of pure native Scottish Aberdeen Angus allow us to offer native cows to flush on an order basis.

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Saddle B Delia 340: She is a full sister to Octoraro's top donor "860" cow who is an F0203 daughter of Delia 503, sired by Emulation 31, who lived for 22 years. She has been flushed to Pinebank 41/97.

Saddle B Dixie Erica 389: She is sired by Carpenter of Wickwire, a son of Prince of Malpas who was a foundation sire for Wye Angus and the creation of a great Scottish breeder, J.E. Kerr of Harviestoun Angus.We purchased 389's dam, Dixie Erica of CH 2160, at the Cedar Hills dispersal. She was a small cow with a production record of 10 NR @ 105. Bred to Pinebank 41/97 389 produced the best bull calf of 2009, Saddle Butte 10/09, who went on to be an important sire for us. Embryos by Pinebank 41/97 are available.

Saddle B Delia 285 is a daughter of the top Octoraro foundation "503" cow sired by Fabron of Wye. We have Carpenter daughters in the herd. Embryos are available sired by Octoraro Viking 527, a son of Viking GD60 who is as good a bull as we have used.

Saddle B Miss Wix 345 is an F0203 daughter out of the Pathfinder® Octoraro Miss Wix 910 who was selected by Brubaker Angus in Virginia in an early Octoraro sale. We inspected the "910" cow and found her to be very pleasing in type. We have numerous daughters in the herd. Embryos sired by Carpenter of Wickwire, Fahren of Wye, Cortachy Boy are available.

Saddle B Miss Wix 339 is a full sister to "345". We have Octoraro Viking 527 daughters in the herd. Embryos are available sired by Dunlouise Cortachy Boy, Glanworth 130/03, Pinebank 41/97, Octoraro Viking 527, Cameron of Wickwire, Carpenter of Wickwire.

Saddle B Miss Wix 354 is yet another daughter of the "910" cow sired by Emulation 31. Recently we sold a pair of bulls sired by Lodge of Wye that look useful as heifer bulls and cow-makers. Embryos are available of that mating as well as others sired by Pinebank 41/97, Octoraro Viking 527, Fahren of Wye, Carpenter of Wickwire and Cortachy Boy.

Octoraro Delia 603 is a daughter of Octoraro Delia 723, the first cow we inspected at Octoraro Angus, and the one we most admired. 603's photo heads our Cows page, standing beside her calf, SBR Prince 440. We have embryos sired by Pinebank 41/97, Fahren of Wye, Carpenter of Wickwire, and Cortachy Boy.

Line 1 Forever Rachel 9006 is daughter of the famous Candolier Forever "Rachel" cow of Gartner and Denowh. We have embryos sired by Shoshone 6144 and Banjo of Wye.

Cedar Hills Lass 2027 is a remarkable cow we purchased at the Cedar Hills dispersal; as the generations pass her daughters and grand daughters invariably maintain her strong weaning record of 8 @ 107. We have embryos sired by Irvington Vindicator 1066 and Baxter Elite.

As we are now committed to creating a herd within our herd of pure Aberdeen Angus native to Scotland, we have and will not be flushing any number of cows who should be donors.

These embryos, representing the best genetics for feed efficiency, carcass, and maternal function, can position you for the move to grass-fed beef!

Visitors Outside the U.S.

Bulls not listed as having semen available may be able to be collected provided a sufficient number of straws are requested. As well, we are able to customize embryo packages, priced competitively, if ordered in sufficient numbers.